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Neve Shir womens' choir mourns the loss of lives and the horrendous events of October 7 and the ensuing war. We all wish for the swift recovery of the wounded and pray for the quick return of all our hostages safe and sound. We feel privileged to be able to bring the healing power of music to our community in these trying times.

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Neve Shir
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Women's Choir of Equal Voices​


We are a women's choir from Israel. As young girls, most of us were part of Neve Shir children's choir, established and conducted by Nathan Margalit in 1961 in Petach Tikva.

Anat Dor, our late conductor's niece, brought us together in 2006 for a reunion concert in his honor and rekindled our love for music and choral singing. Our rediscovered family has been joyfully singing together ever since​ as an active and performing choir, with the municipal support of the choir's birth city, Petach Tikva.

Our repertoire includes a mix of classical mus​ic, international folk songs, Israeli and traditional Jewish songs, and contemporary music.



Conductor Anat Dor holds a Master's degree in Music. Her thesis focused on the ethnic Jewish songs of Yemen. She is a music teacher, conductor of several choirs, and an active member of the wider choir community in Israel. Among her many activities, Anat is a Supervisor of Music Studies at the Ministry of Education.


Conductor Anat Dor
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